We are a proudly Australian owned & operated business dedicated to making your independence easier

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The story of Adaptability Australia


Adaptability Australia is a business based in Perth, Western Australia and our focus is on improving quality of life and independence.  

Adaptability Australia was founded by Kimberley Downing after the diagnosis of her dad with Parkinson's Disease. A background in science and a genuine interest in making life better, Kimberley set out to find products that would make her dad's life easier. 

From the founder:

"The inspiration for this business has been my dad.


My dad was a long distance runner by hobby and an Engineer by trade.
Dad was extremely lucky to have a body and mind that worked well.

Over time, dad slowly started to notice changes to his body ranging from a wondering finger, stiffness in his right shoulder and a shuffling gait.


In May, 2015, my dad was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease and the road since has been bumpy at best, and at times taking us to breaking point.


Seeing dad suffering mentally and physically with Parkinson’s Disease, or as my family calls it “the bug”, has been exceptionally hard.
Dad coming from an Engineering background, talks a lot about what he can’t do and what he would invent or need to help people like him.


This is where Adaptability Australia came about."


Any product we sell has been rigorously tested in real life situations.

We adopt the latest technology to make life easier and more comfortable.